Greetings! I'm Michael Reynolds, artistic director of the Montana Chamber Music Society (MCMS). Our mission is to present chamber music concerts throughout Montana – great chamber music under the Big Sky!

Under the auspices of MCMS, please join us in celebration of the beginning of our 11th season – and the 31st annual Montana Chamber Music Festival (July 8-14, 2019). All the MCMS performances are in MSU's acoustically excellent Reynolds Recital Hall (in Howard Hall).


The five-concert MCMS season begins on July 11 with works by Vivaldi, Brahms, and Piazzolla. On September 13, I will be performing Bach's Gamba Sonatas with regular guest pianist Michele Levin. March 12 and 14 the Muir Quartet performs quartets from Haydn to Bartok and Berg.  April 4 concludes the season with piano trios performed by Philip Aaberg, Angella Ahn, and Sara Stalnaker.


Our annual summer Montana Chamber Music Festival, which begins on July 11 in Reynolds Hall, includes performances in the historic Trinity Episcopal Church in Ennis on Saturday July 13, and St. Timothy's Chapel in Georgetown Lake on Sunday July 14.


We hope to see you there!


Marty Lambert, President

Nancy Equall, Secretary

Larry Springer, Treasurer

Sarah Allen

Michael Certalic

Rufus Cone

Lee Freeman

Keith Kothman

Ilse-Mari Lee



Michael Reynolds



Bill Scharnberg



Gerald Davidson, Red Lodge

Edward Goldberg, Westport, MA

Marilyn Hill, Big Sky

Carol Lalani, Livingston,

Anne Marie Mistretta, Big Sky

Herbert Swick, Missoula

Greg Young, Bozeman